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October 2014

I picked up a 1963 VW Bus / walk-through, panel.

1963 VW Panel (2)

It’s a fairly rust free Bus and has most of the parts.

1963 VW Panel (3)

It had been modified for some larger wheel with all the wheel openings having been cut-out.

1963 VW Panel (5)

It’s still not a bad place to start considering it doesn’t have rust issues.

1963 VW Panel (6)

It needs a little work to the engine lid hinge and a rear bumper.

1963 VW Panel (7)

Stock exhaust and needs some work to the left rear corner that someone pulled out from previous impact.

1963 VW Panel (4)

Someone side swiped the Bus at some point with a scar running down the side.

1963 VW Panel (1)

The front A-pillar is the worst of the damage to the vehicle and the front driver door is in need of replacement. The Bus came with another door for the driver side.

1963 VW Panel (10)

The interior still has original paint, as well as a bunch of splashed paint from the last person that was driving the Bus.

1963 VW Panel (12)

I am just guessing, maybe a painter owned it before? lol

1963 VW Panel (14)

It’s always nice to find a walk-through panel Bus. You can see the little wheel wells someone added for the larger diameter tires.

1963 VW Panel (13)

Nice! Un-cut dash and there is an old “Randy’s stuff” magnet on the dash (not visible in this picture)

1963 VW Panel (15)

I was told the engine came out of another Bus, but it runs like a champ and fire first try. It looks like someone did a little work to it with how clean it is. 009, Bosch blue coil, a new carburetor, and new Bus exhaust.


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1966 VW Beetle Front Apron – Aug. 2014

My good friend Matt has a 1966 Beetle that was hit in the front and was in need of a little repair work similar to the last front end I did on the 1957 Rag.


This is how I received the body. I used my raised pan that is used for painting as a work platform.


Matt had already removed the front apron for the work that needed to be done on the tire carrier.


The horn mount was removed as well for better access on the repair.


The bottom of the tire carrier was wrinkled good and the passenger side was pushed back a couple inches.


I did the fender mount nuts as well in the repair work. (The ones that were missing)


The passenger side bumper mount was ripped loose and the driver side had a bolt broken off in it.


The passenger side quarter had to be moved back out a bit to line up with the hood.


I new pieces that are to be fit.


I had some new fenders laying around that were used as reference on the fit.


Everything sitting in the initial alignment process. I had to get everything straight before welding it in place.


All the pieces are looking a lot better for fit and almost ready for welding.


Straightened sides and fender nuts welded in place.


Holes are drilled in the apron for spot welding.


The front apron and horn bracket welded in place.


Grind down the welds a bit . . .


. . . and make sure the hood lines up like it should.


The gaps and over lap on the hood looks a lot better.


The completed tire carrier.

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