1966 VW Beetle – Welding I


I am going to start off the project with welding up the body and getting it ready to set on the chassis. The trim holes are the first thing to go.

The doors have the same contour as the apposing quarter panels that were cut for pathes. The left quarter piece went to the right and vise versa. The doors will end up getting done later, but I figured I would cut the panels to have them ready for when they are needed.

Trim holes were filled, and all the miscellaneous holes under the hood were filled.

This was a custom wrapped dash, but some of the braising that was done to secure the glove box door to the dash was a little questionable. They filled a lot of the cracks around the door with silicone to seal it up a bit. Maybe they wanted better ventilation on their feet? That must be why they caulked the dash and drilled lots of holes in the foot area.

The original dash was trimmed out for the gauges and an Empi dash panel was fitted to be installed with Autometer gauges. I will have to do some welding to the dash before the plate is mounted, but it’s aligned to where it will go.

I will also have a little bit of work to do down in the lower a-pillar on the passenger side.

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