1967 Beetle – L518 Java Green

Bought 1999, finished 2002 and was a daily driver until traded for 1964 Beetle convertible in 2005

I don’t have much for records on this car, but here is what I have.


This is what the car looked like when I brought it home. A project from the start and that tree at like 30′ tall now.


I tried to do this car to sell, but ended up driving the car daily for a few years.


Kind of a basic little car.


I didn’t spend much time for detail with the wheel, but that soon changed.


I sent the wheel to Colorado Powder Coating for some bright white and added beauty rings for class.


I assembled some full bumper out of various straight bumper parts, and ran a rack for a short bit.


While driving through Parker, CO one evening before dark a couple of kid threw a soft-ball size rock at my car hitting center of the hood and busting out the windshield.


There was glass all the way behind the rear seat in the luggage area.


I put the car sideways upon impact and stopped the car. The police were called, but nothing ever happened of it even with having seen which of the two kids throw the rock! Way to go Parker Police!


Blue dot tail lights,euro-tuck exhaust, and a bones brigade sticker on the back window.


A couple years later I got around to blacking out the quarter window trim.


The deck lid stand on the latch did seem to help keep the 1915cc a little cooler . . .


. . . but the engine was always dirty living out here on these country roads. 1973 Motorola again!


Chrome tail light lens on the 1963 next to it was the hot ticket at one time, and those were 1971 tail light (yikes!)


Front and rear seats were swapped out with an interior out of a Eclipse that had split folding rear seat and leather front buckets.


I found this cool camper in Iowa driving back from a trade I did in WI. I went out to trade a 1969 Puma GTE for a 1976 Lotus Elite (bad trade) and had a car behind the truck on the trailer.


I got home and jumped in the Beetle with a tow bar to pull the car behind the camper on the way back. As I came over the bridge between NE and IA there was a real dense fog. I slowed down from 70 to around 60mph when I saw a huge pheasant running straight down the middle of my lane the same direction I was heading. I veered off to the left, but he caught the fat bird in the right front fender before I could get over far enough to miss him. I went back to see if I could find dinner, but didn’t see the bird anywhere. I was real lucky I didn’t blow out the tire on impact as the fender flexed far enough back to take a big chunk of rubber out of the side wall. I made it back with the camper about a week later as I went back up to MN again to visit relatives.

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