1989 Kombi – Page 3

Subaru Engine Conversion – Correction

The intake was flipped to make things easier to keep the heat away from the coolant. The coolant lines run down passenger side and the exhaust on the driver’s side.

There was an overflow bottle that was replaced with an expansion tank. The rusty tray was left over from a Dodge stealth washer bottle tray that was replaced. Lucky enough I don’t need the rusted part.

With a few cuts here and there, some pop sickle sticks and bubble gum, we now have a coolant tray.

All that OEM grease has to go!

The exhaust was done on a budget and was simply flipped to the other side. With a few cuts, twist, and weld back together. The level the exhaust sit at will have to be addressed a little more in the future. There will need to be a some pipe added and angled up where the cat’s are for better ground clearance.

Degreased, sanded, painted, ECU mounted, harness re-routed to catwalk. Coming back together

Coolant lines go up by the starter, over the torsion, and to the radiator mounted in the middle of the belly. After everything was back together the radiator wouldn’t take fluid and was plugged. The OEM 2003 Subaru Forester X radiator was replaced with an aftermarket replacement.

Back together, bled out, and running like a champ. This type of conversion is really nice to drive around and has a real smooth power band. I think my Adventure Wagen needs something like this, I am sold!

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