1968 VW Beetle

1968 VW Beetle – Jan. 2011 – Sold

– Auto-stick conversion, 1st year for IRS (Auto-stick only)

Here is the original gallery from the listing.

Here is the original ad placed for the car.

This car has just come out of the paint shop! The car was painted with PPG base/clear in the original Bahama Blue with Bright White between the fenders. New seats, carpet, dash pad, door seals, exterior body rubber, and running boards. A guy that works for Napa down in Colo. Springs rebuilt the engine, and looking at it you can see that it has been completely taken apart, cleaned, and re-assembled. The heads look to be new, as are all seals, plugs, German muffler, exhaust tips, clamps, belt, and push rod tubes. The carburetor is a 34-pict and doesn’t look to be rebuilt, but the car runs good. The tires have decent tread left on them, and the brakes work well. Signals, wipers, and emergency flashers work. The car is an early IRS car and was an Auto-Stick before being converted to four-speed manual. Transmission shifts fine in all gears including reverse, and doesn’t pop out of any of them. 1968 was a change over year for the pans and only the Auto-Stick came with IRS. All the four speed manual cars will have a swing axle rear-end. You get the advantages of the newer suspension with the first year of this body style! If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Thanks, Christoph

The car did have some rust here and there, but over all it wasn’t that bad and could be fixed fairly easy. I was trying to do a cheaper daily driver out of this car and not get to much money in the build figuring that I could ask less to turn the car faster. It didn’t work out so well, Beetles after 1967 don’t bring very much money, and looking back the write up for the car could have been better as well. I took a good hit on this one and figured that I would have been even more in the hole if I had done rust repairs, but least another car is back on the road and the new owners were happy with the car.


The car had been sitting in the sun for quite some time and the paint was cracking real bad.


Touch up paint! Great lets touch it up instead of moving the object in the garage that leans the car.


VW Automatic!


Not quite bailing wire, but hey it works right! What are some people thinking? You want to reach back there to take the engine out?


Off the road since Jan. 2004 (7 years).


I picked this car up off the second owner.


Time for the tear down.


Some damage that was hiding under the rear bumper.


Not much body damage over all.


Lots of rock chips on the quick paint that was applied sometime in the past.


Front passenger fender has been replaced at some point.


Some rust that is starting.


Some rust starting above the jack point passenger side.


Passenger rear fender damage.


Something snagged the rear.

IMG_7922 IMG_7921

Light tap to the license plate light on the deck lid.

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