1966 VW Beetle – Pan Swap

Pan Swap

The chassis that was under the car was from a 1972 VW Type 1 and is being swapped over to a 1971 VW Type 1. Both have clean titles, but this one is set up with what is needed for this build and it’s easier to change the whole chassis. The 1972 will be matched up with a 1970 VW Type 151 body

From the lift to the cart, and back to the chassis

It makes the car look a lot better real quick.

The floors are solid original, and have had a few small patches done in the past. The painted wheels were from the Convertible that was just built before this project. Shop 1776cc with low miles on it will be getting a single Weber 40 IDF, and few things will get changed around a bit and upgraded.

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