1966 VW Beetle – Rear Corners

Rear Heat Channel Corners

There was a hole on each side that was through both layers of steel and into the lower fender stud. These are common areas to get rust, and will need to be repaired before the body is set back on the chassis.

Everything was cleaned out, wire brushed, and painted. The heat channels were cleaned out and painted to help fight the rust.

I have bought the replacement panels to do this repair in the past, and had to rework them enough to fit that making my own is the same amount of work without the cost. I weld one from inside, the other from the outside, and add the fender edge and lower nut.

The rear apron need a couple nuts on each side and a couple rips on the bottom corners repaired. The deck lid pedestals both had the back nut ripped loose and needed to be welded.

Kaferlab extendable stand-offs were installed after the repairs.

Retracted, extended

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