Previous Work – 1960’s & 1970’s VW Buses (15 Buses)

1960 VW Transporter – Parted Out – May 2004


I never unloaded the Bus. I came home then went to the crusher.


It came from SD and the underside showed.


None of the wheels turned and it was dragged onto the trailer.


The frame was shot.


Then sent the Bus to the crusher


I should have cut the thing up instead of crushing, but I was a little pissed over the deal.

1962 VW Transporter Deluxe – Shell / Project – February 2009


Just how I found it.


I spotted the rear end of the bus from a 200 yards the other side of the fense.


I was working in the area and it took a couple weeks to get a hold of the guy.


He had two 1962 Buses and I bought both.


The side door came open about halfway back.


Both front seat!


The bottom was bent pretty good from sliding past the side rail on the trailer.


Original engine


Deluxe rear seat!



Hippy inspired dash paint job.


The bus sank into the ground quit a bit.


I was told that it was parked in the early ’80’s



Main floor and frame was in good shape.


Right front sank the most without a wheel and the water sat against the side doors.


The beam was shot as well.



1963 VW Transporter Panel Bus

This is a great running, driving walk-through panel Bus that doesn’t have any rust other than a spot in the front floor area that really isn’t that bad. This Bus is going to need a little metal work around the wheels as someone opened up the wheel wells for larger tires at some point. The panels are all available to be able to repair what was cut.

There has been some damage to the driver side a-pillar that will need to be straightened out. The driver’s door was replaced and doe open and close, but the lower hinge plate is tweeked on the a-pillar. The nose has some damage by the driver’s headlight, but is repairable. The impact was fairly light and the pillar isn’t pushed in very much. A good frame shop can fix this pretty easy. I have been using the side door for entry to prevent any further damage to the driver’s door since it is only mounted with the upper hinge presently.

It had been used by a handy man company for years before I purchased it from a local guy that did Bus restorations. I picked it up from him before he did much to it other than install a 1300cc engine. The engine has a 009 distributor, new carburetor, Bosch blue coil, new wires, and new muffler. The tires are all new, the seats have been reupholstered, it has new door panels, kick panels, and rear hatch panel. The new tires are mounted on original rims that were sand blasted and painted.

This bus has been well preserved and has been in a garage for several years. Even the steering wheel is in pretty good shape! This would make a great restoration or camper conversion with the walk-through. This van still has some nice patina on it and the logo on the side might come back with a little elbow grease if that’s the look you are going for. This would make for an excellent restoration, camper conversion (since it’s a walk-through), or drive it like it is!


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Production Date – January 17th 1963

Type 211 – Panel Van – Cargo Doors Right, Left Hand Drive


080 – Spit Front Seats (Walk-Through) Kombi and Panel

425 – North American Export Package – Specs for USA

Twin Reversing Lights

MPH Speedometer

Sealed Beam Headlights

Hazard Warning Lights

Mountings for Safety Belts

Laminated Windscreen

Ram Protection (Overrider Bumpers)

Dual-Circuit Brake System


1964 VW Transporter (Graphed Pop-Top) – Project – April 2013


1964 VW Transporter Panel EZ Camper – Project – January 2011

IMG_9175IMG_9176IMG_9178IMG_9180IMG_9181IMG_9186IMG_9177IMG_9174IMG_9354IMG_9356IMG_9364IMG_9365IMG_9367IMG_9369IMG_9370IMG_9400IMG_9401Sale 01 (7)Sale 01Sale 01 (3)Sale 01 (4)Sale 01 (13)

1969 VW Transporter Bus Riviera Camper Pop-Top

$5000 – Oct. 2019



This is a great running, driving Riviera pop top camper bus project that is almost ready to go. It could use some paint, but is still in nice enough shape to be used as it is. I was in the process of getting the bus roadworthy for title bonding, but it will need the windshield and rear bumper installed before it passes inspection. It comes with the new seal for the windshield. The engine is a fresh rebuilt 1600cc dual port, and the brakes have been gone through.


This bus came out of New Mexico and was last on the road in 1994. It doesn’t have much for rust since it came from the desert. It has had everything behind the cab to the rear done as far as rust repair. The outer rockers were replaced, as well as the spot in front of the passenger rear wheel, and the battery tray. The frame is rock solid and has had undercoat from the factory and no welding was required. There hasn’t been any rust or repair to any of the supports or floor and they all look great! There are a few spots on the front floor that will need to be repaired that you can see in the pictures. The rest of the bus is rust free!


The engine 1600cc dual-port engine was rebuilt, new German Solex carburetor, 009 distributor, electronic ignition, Bosch blue coil, and the brakes and shocks were replaced all around. New tail lights and side markers. The engine fires up quick, runs smooth, and pushes the bus down the road great! Stock transmission operates great and shifts good!


It has a new master cylinder, lower reservoir, upper reservoir, brake switches, front shoes, and all four front wheel cylinders. The rear brakes are in working order and haven’t been replaced. The front seats have new upholstery, and the door panels are new. The tent canvas has a few rips and will need to be replaced at some point. It is in decent enough shape to still be used as it is for a bit. The windshield is cracked and should be replaced to be drivable.


The pop-top is in nice shape and operates smooth up and down. The upper bed is still in great shape. Sliding door operates smooth, locks open, and closes easy. All original side windows open and close like they should and the glass is in great shape other than one pane that is broken. There is a replacement window that can be used for the glass pane that is included.



The bus is a solid running and driving vehicle and wouldn’t take much to make worth well over double what I am asking. I can provide a notarized bill of sale and the paperwork needed to get a clear title in CO. Most of the hard work has been done and with some paint and newer interior this could be a great show vehicle! The bus is just about ready to hit the road and explore!


  • Rebuilt 1600cc Dual-Port
  • New German Solex Carburetor
  • New Brakes
  • Run and drives great!
  • Bill of Sale only


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Production Date – July 31 1969 (Last of the 1969 production)

Type 231 – Kombi – Sliding Door Right, Left-Hand Drive


21 – Outside door handles lockable from either side – Export

426 – North American Export – Specs for USA M020, M047, M102

M020 – Speedometer in Miles

M047 – Back up light to Ch. No. 211 2300 000

M102 – Rear window glass, defrost

042 – ?

177 – Rear Seat Only.

507 – Vent wings in cab doors


1969 VW Transporter Sunroof – Project – Feb. 2008


1970 VW Transporter – Running / Driving – July 2004

app00055app0005670 Bus

1970 VW Transporter – Project – May 2010


1970 VW Transporter


1971 VW Transporter


1972 VW Transporter – Weekender


1978 VW Transporter – Westfalia


1979 VW Transporter – Westfalia (Green)


1979 VW Transporter -Westfalia (White)


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