1966 VW Beetle – Luggage Shelf and Engine Dress

Rear Luggage Shelf

The rear window seal must have went bad at some point and water was under the tar board. This is the thin metal that was exposed after the tar board removal.

The donor section came from a real rusty car other than the rear shelf. Perfect donor.

The shelf was cut out leaving a lip to weld to all around, was spot welded, painted, and sealed with seam sealer. All the extra holes across the firewall were welded.

The engine is a shop 1776cc that was built a few years back and doesn’t have many miles on it.

Everything was taken apart down to the long block, cleaned, and new seals installed

The tin was cleaned up and painted, the regulator was installed on the back of the shroud.

The Single Weber IDF manifold needed to be fit for the application. New cap, rotor points, plugs, condenser, wires, and fuel pup were installed.

All dressed and ready to go back in the car.

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