1961 VW Beetle Rag – Page 2

Now, lets get into the car in the shape I picked it up and go through the build. I have a lot of pictures that were taken during the build and have selected only a few to show the progress of the car.


This car wasn’t running when I purchased it, and the first pics of the car without an engine were lost with a camera that I happened to leave on my trucks rear bumper.


The car was so low that it would get high centered pushing it through the ruts into my back field.


4 1/4″ narrowed custom drop beam with 2 1/2″ drop spindles was way to low. I swapped the drop spindles out for some stock with all the new brakes swapped back to the car. The beam was built by the previous owner and was adjustable, but set up lower then what most beam come with for adjustment.


The car was side swiped at one time on the passenger side.


The car was all original before the previous owner lowered the car while going to Wyo-tech. He would drive it back and forth between north Denver and Laramie in this super low configuration!


I raised the car all the way around as the rear was really low as well. This car would rub all the time and hitting a pebble was like hitting a boulder.


AK Case 1973 1600cc 48bhp DIN, 46HP SAE-net. USA-only 1600cc Dual-Port built by Painter’s Grinding. The engine was built a few years ago, but runs like a champ and has strong, even compression.


The carpet was thrown in to make the car drivable at the time. I like to get the cars running and driving before tear down to do the restoration.


The interior came out of another Beetle that I had and was in decent shape. This car came with front seat frames only at time of purchase and was a bare bones shell for the most part.


The trunk area was in pretty bad shape as for looks.


Oh, that’s nice! The car didn’t come with a gas tank either.


Wyo-Tech Special! Super low beam with drop spindles! Sweet, but that’s going to change.


That should give the car a little more clearance.


Almost everything has been swapped except the brakes at this point. Nice work on the shock tower plates and welds when the beam was constructed.


Ready for install.


Now, you might be asking yourself how I get this in the car by myself. You need to have a couple extra jacks and it’s still a time consuming process of moving one jack at a time very slowly.

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