1968 VW Beetle Convertible – Wiring, Trunk, Interior, and Undercarriage


The harness was like most for a vehicle this age and was replaced with a compete kit that I picked up online. This is by far one of the better wiring kits I have installed and really had a nice break down of each system, with a full color picture diagram as well! There isn’t a compete diagram with the kit and that is my only complaint. I have done full custom and stock Painless kits before and this kit is right there with them for having some good detail and pictures. I have also installed Empi buggy kits and understand the difference in what makes a good kit, not that they don’t work just fine and are great on a budget.

The speedometer and wiper were taken apart, cleaned, and reassembled.


The jack was taken apart, blasted, painted, and reassembled. A new trunk liner, wiring cover, and painted to match spare with beauty ring were added as a finishing touch to the trunk.



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