1989 VW Kombi – Page 1

This is a pretty cool ride out of Brazil that is getting some upgrades.

The bus was recently converted to a Subaru 2.5l power plant, but has a few issues that will be straightened out with the cooling, exhaust, wiring, and detail work.

The swap was done without replacing the water pump and timing set. It’s a zero clearance engine. The exhaust will be re-routed, along with the coolant lines and the addition of a expansion tank.

Let’s put some Porsche Phone dial / Tele-dial wheels on it!

If an adapter is purchased to fit a Bus to Porsche, but is doesn’t fit on the Bus or fit the Porsche ball-seat lug nuts what is it really? A custom adapter by the time it’s mounted

The steering was really bad, and would throw you if you hit a rut

I found an NOS TRW Brazilian box overseas that fit great! The column dash mount plate was drilled on either side to attach something in the past, but all it did was make the bracket weak enough to bend.

The Brazilian accelerator pedal is a plastic unit and clips onto a round ball that is on top of the push rod. This type of system couldn’t have lasted very long before the plastic cracked and it became a problem. The pedal would flip backward with the spring pressure when you lifted your foot. A German style aftermarket metal one was installed along with a vintage steering wheel and modified column spacer to fill the gap.

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