1963 Ford Thunderbird – Tear Down

Tear down

The original jack instructions were still in decent shape under the trunk lid.

Sanded back down to the original paint.

Patches were made for the rust and huge holes to mount the rust Q. The Q provide in the trunk with purchase had rust starting in it and I ended up buying another one while looking for the rear cowl panel.

It could be saved if I didn’t come up with another one. I would rather straighten damage then repair layered rust.

The donor panel was worked back into shape and fit to the car.

The battery tray need a small patch with some new nuts welded to it.

I was able to locate the original nuts that slip in the slots, but decided to install weld on nuts to prevent them from pop out.

The trunk and interior were removed for cleaning and prep work for painting

The original build sheet as well as the build sheet for the next car in line were under the seat! Most of the time you are lucky to find one!


Wixom, MI

Ford Thunderbird 2-Door Hardtop

8-390ci 4bbl Carburetor

Acapulco Blue

Blue Cloth/Vinyl Interior

Order Date 5th Oct. 1963

District – Detroit, MI

3.00:1 Rear Axle

Cruis-o-matic Automatic Transmission

Here is the car behind this one on the assembly line:


Wixom, MI

Lincoln 4-Door Convertible

8-430ci 4bbl Carburetor

Sultan White

Black Leather Interior

Order Date 11th Oct. 1963

District – Chicago, IL

2.89:1 Rear Axle

Dual Range Automatic Transmission

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