1966 Pontiac GTO – 389ci Tri-Power Auto

Full Ground Up Restoration

I am going to be putting this one back together again. It will need a little bit to bring it back, but I will start at the bottom and work back to where the body is hanging. The project came with a bunch of loose parts, and a couple of coffee cans worth of bolts to try to assemble it with.

This is a mid-west car and has some pretty serious issues with the frame. It was nice to be able to come across a donor frame that was together and pretty much had all the hardware still on it.

The donor frame came from a 1968 Malibu four-door. The body mount holes are slightly off, but should work. the rear of the frame has to be lengthened about 3″ and the rear mounts need to be relocated from in the middle of the rail to the outside of the rail.

This is the rear section of the original frame for comparison.

Mostly surface rust, other than the brake line running across the front cross-member

Cleaned and painted

The front drum brakes are getting an upgrade to disk, along with some modern tubular a-arms with urethane, and new OEM springs all around. The calipers were upgraded to a dual piston Wilwood conversion that is a direct bolt up to factory disks. The donor disk brakes were taken apart, sand blasted, polished, and painted. New seals, bearings, end caps, rubber lines, and hard line for the front cross member.

It’s a lot easier at this point to flip the frame and install the lower arms than fight them without the weight of having a complete car.

This should help for stopping power! No more fade!

The front steering linkage was upgraded to Moog and the rear arms were upgraded to adjustable upper with square tubing lowers with urethane bushings.

The rear axle was cleaned, inspected, and filled with new fluid. The rear brakes were cleaned, parts blasted, with new wheel cylinder, new shoes, new axle bumpers, and pinion bump stop. KYB Gas-a-just were added to all four corners.

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