1968 VW Beetle – Page 2












This car didn’t have the tube for the clutch cable and I bent one using a spare pan that was in the yard as reference on where to bend. The tubing was a bit difficult to find and I ended up having to buy it in bulk. I still have enough to do another 7 cars after this one!


One CV axle is just a bit shorter with the Auto-stick.


The large hole was in order to feed the new bent clutch tube into the tunnel.


Center access hole for the clutch tube bracket tacked in place.


Front access panel for the clutch tube tacked in place.


Hey, where did the cassette player go?


Someone stole the radio from the previous owner while the car was parked.


This has to be the worst thief ever!


I could have had it out in a couple minute with no damage.


The battery was left in the car, cracked, and dumped the battery acid all over the floor.


Crusty and starting to get some pinholes.


The front beam was swapped out for a rust free one.


This beam has had it!

IMG_7954 IMG_7955 IMG_7956

This was an old rebuilt transmission that I had for some years, but it was smooth and worked great for the conversion.


I pulled this engine out of a 1966 Karmann Ghia Convertible that came out of Colorado Springs, CO


Brake reservoir had leaked in the past.

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