1968 VW Beetle Convertible – Repair, Bodywork, & Primer


There was an extra set of bumper bracket holes, misc. holes, nuts, a few cage nuts that were all welded. I really didn’t do much, for any further repair to the car, other then getting it ready for paint. I went around the car finishing previous repairs that needed touch-up and closed up any unneeded holes.

Some small holes, tears, extra bumper bracket holes, hood louvers.

I had to make a cage nut for one of the vents, fill some dash grille holes. The dash was already worked at some point to remove the fresh air vents, and dash pad.

Everything was D/A sanded down with 180, 220, 320, and blocked with 400gr before shooting with an epoxy primer sealer.

. . . blocked back down to 400gr, and ready for paint.

There is a lot more to the primering process than what is shown and as things were sanded and primered few times with primer surfacer in between to get things smoothed out. I thought those rims would look nice with the car, but they were just a bit too narrow with the beam on this car and I didn’t like the look. They will be nice on somethings else!

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