1955 Belair – Blue – Floor Repair

Floor Repair

Someone riveted a few panels over the rust holes to help the rust to spread better and work into the surrounding panels.

There were some smaller pieces that had to be made for the front kick panel and interior panel retaining lip.

Everything was cleaned up and painted inside before the pieces were fit in.

A piece of the old Catalina hood with a little more shape added to make thing fit.

The inner rocker was bad, and someone replaced the outer without touching the inner. They also welded it on the outside of the quarter panel instead of sliding it into the quarter.

I guess then they would have had to address the floor issues. The ends of the supports were rusted off and needed to be extended to reach the inner again.

Time to piece this puzzle together. Extend the quarter panel lip and fill in the lower a-pillar.

Patch the kick panel, weld up the end of the support, weld the cuts in the front support and get it mounted to the pan.

It’s starting to take shape with the inner fit in and the outer mocked up for door gap.

After finding the right alignment, everything is welded in, cleaned up, and painted.

The car was put on the hoist to finish up the welds underneath the car.

The interior panels were cleaned, painted, and Dynamat was installed.

Dynamat was installed in the quarter panels before the covers and panels were installed.

The carpet wasn’t that bad, but a new rug was installed.

Seat belts were also added during this process with nuts welded in the floor and a modern retractable lap belt installed.

No more wet carpet and feet, and the car is sealed up again.

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