1961 VW Beetle Rag

1961 Volkswagen Beetle Rag Top

Finished Dec. 2011 – Sold


This is the original gallery I used when selling the car.
While in the gallery click on the picture for next, or click on the resolution above the picture to see the full size.

Here is the original ad placed to sell the car.

1961 Volkswagen Beetle Rag Top – Freshly Restored! New Paint, Rubber, Interior!

This car gets attention wherever it goes! Brand new paint job and fresh rubber all around. The paint is nice and shiny without any flaws. The car was stripped down to a bare shell with no engine and painted inside and out. Solid and straight body and pan. Paint under the hood, in the engine compartment, under the dash and the whole interior. New fender beading, door seals, window scrapers inner, window scrapers outer, window channel, vent window seals, windshield seal, quarter windows, rear window, hood seal, deck lid seal, signals front, signals rear, hood handle, bumper grommets front and rear, block off plugs, door switch seals, door handle seals, wiper grommets, wiper blades. I am sure there is most likely something I forget, but all the rubber is new. New headliner, door panels, carpet, billet dash knobs, billet door and window cranks, billet escutcheons, billet heat knob, billet, e-brake knob, and Hella dome light. Velour seats are a few years old, but are in decent driver shape. The stay-fast canvas top has been on the car for a couple years and shows minimal wear. Powder coated smoothie rims with original VW hubcaps and new chrome beauty rings. Spare, factory Bilstein jack and rod, trunk liner. Beam has been narrowed 4 ¼”, new tie-rods, new king and link, and new shocks all around. There wasn’t any body modification done to fit the beam. New brakes, master cylinder, rubber lines, shoes, and reservoir. New bumpers, headlight assemblies, Porsche fluted lens, stainless steel chrome trim, and pear-shaped side mirror. 1600cc dual port engine, AK case, was rebuilt by Painter’s Grinding a few years back. The engine starts right up, runs strong, and has good power on the hills. The engine gives a little more power over the stock 40hp 1200cc. The car has been converted to 12 volt, and everything works including the horn and dome light. 009 distributor, Bosch Blue coil, rebuilt carburetor, new muffler, fresh oil change, and recent tune-up 145r15 tire up front are 80% and the 165r15 tires in the rear are about the same with lots of life left all around. I have been getting 30mpg around town, and drive the car daily unless there is bad weather. Everything works fine mechanically as well as electrically. This car is low, but it doesn’t grind or rub going down the road. The beam is adjustable and can go lower, but it’s set at good height where it won’t damage itself in the process of driving. If you want, I can raise the car back to stock for an additional $500. Everything would be swapped back on to a solid, straight stock beam, and the rear would be set back to factory settings. The car goes down the road perfect as it sits and doesn’t have and bad handling characteristics, and will keep up with traffic on the freeway no problem.

This car was sold to a real nice guy out in New Jersey that was buying it for his son that was turning 16. It should make for a real nice first car!

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