Previous Work – VW 1970’s (16 Cars)

I have sold a lot of cars over the years and most haven’t been restorations. I would get old cars work on them to get them mechanically sound, running, and driving then put them up for sale. Some were sold as parts or project cars as well. Like I said before I have had a couple computer’s crashes and lost a camera. Most of the work records before I incorporated the business in 2000 are gone, and I am missing some of the pictures for completion of a few too. Here’s what I have sold from 2000 to 2013.

1970 VW Beetle – White – Running / Driving – May 2007

1970 VW Beetle – Blue – Running / Driving – June 2009

1970 VW Beetle – Nov. 2019

1970 VW Fastback

1972 VW Super Beetle (Blue)

1972 VW Super Beetle (Primered)

1973 VW Beetle Auto-Stick

1973 VW Beetle – Class I / V Baja  – Sept. 2019



This is a full-cage off-road 1973 Beetle with rear engine cage. The front has been extended and modified for a king & link front end with rack & pinion steering and It was running a bus transmission. It has a Super Beetle column and shaft for the rack and pinon. The rear has mounts for long travel shocks that go through the wheel wells. The VIN was removed from the tunnel.

One-piece fiberglass front end with fiberglass rear fenders. There is a lowered front beam with new brakes and drums with some stock IRS arms on the car right now to make the car a roller. The front wheels don’t go with the car and you will need to bring a couple to get it on the trailer. Off-road seats, sliders, aluminum door panels, one-piece dash, and aftermarket steering wheel are in the car and everything is wired.

 The car would be a great off-road car with a weekend warrior front beam, rack & pinon, a set of 3 x 3 arms in the rear, bus or aftermarket transmission, and your choice of engine. This was a running race car and wouldn’t take much to get back on the track or dunes again. All the fabrication work has been done and it needs bolt on items to make complete again.

  • Fully Welded Cage
  • King & Link Beam (Lowered Beam on there now)
  • New Front Drums & Brakes
  • IRS Rear
  • Race Seats w/ Sliders
  • Aluminum Door Panels
  • Aftermarket Steering Wheel
  • One-Piece Dash
  • One-Piece Front End w/ Baja Rear Fenders
  • Off-Road Only – No VIN

1973 VW Thing

1973 VW Thing (The Thing)

1973 VW Thing Hardtop

1973 VW Thing

1973 VW Thing

1974 VW Super Beetle

1974 VW Super Beetle

1976 Puma GTE

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