1966 Pontiac GTO – 389ci Tri-Power Auto

400ci Swap

The original engine for the car was wrapped in a few chains and sitting in front of the body that’s hanging from the rafters.

YSA-Body1966389ci335hpPowerglide1×4bblBlock Cast 97787892 Blot MainGTO

The engine sat outside for awhile at some point and had water in the head and in a couple cylinders.

At .60 over, this block would need to have sleeves installed to save it.

This is a Tri-power off of a 1965 GTO. The center carburetor is a small base with the earlier units. 1966 would have all the same size. It has been sitting for awhile, and does show signs of being apart a few times in the past.

Cleaned, blown out, taped, painted, and a lot closer to being able to run

The carburetors are all rebuilt, set to factory specification, and ready for an engine.

Y9F-body1975 (July 26th)400ci185hp4-speedRPO L-781×4bblBlock Cast 4819882 Bolt Main
Heads 6X82.11/1.66100.04cc

That’s where this great craigslist find comes into play. Rebuild a few years back, wrapped, and just waiting for a car to be installed in. It’s not exactly a power house compared to original, but for the price, it will save thousands and keeps things moving with the project.

Rod 0.10 / Main 0.10, .030 thrust. 9-7-92? Maybe more than a couple years on the shelf? Everything was inspected and cleaned, with the oil pan getting sand blasted before it was sealed up, and a fresh coat of Krylon/Dupli-Color DE-1610 Pontiac (1959-1965) blue was painted (old spark plugs for painting). There wasn’t any rust on anything, everything really looks good, and will be fired up with a shot of Marvel Mystery Oil in the cylinders after having the oil pressure built up.

The TH400 was bolted on and the engine was set in the frame. Things are starting to get bolted together, and that tri-power looks nice sitting on there!

It’s starting to look like a chassis again. The cross-member will need some modification, but should be a lot nicer since it bolts into the frame unlike the original that simply sat on the rails with the weight of the engine and transmission. It wasn’t attached to anything but the transmission mount.

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