1967 VW Beetle – Page 3

2603 2604 2605 2606 2607 2609 2608

The car is back from the paint shop and looks great! Thanks Terry it turned out real nice.

2611 2612

The fenders have been mounted.

2613 2610 2619 2618 2617

The headliner installed.

2621 2631 2630 2620

Chrome and seals installed.

2626 2627 2628

I went with the original style rubber mat and carpet surrounds.


Door glass installed. New full bumpers installed.


The wheels were all pulled and sent to the paint shop for two-tone paint.


The engine bay is starting to shape up nicely.


It’s looking more like a car again at this point.


Starting to get the wiring laid out for the car.


Time to detail the under side of the car.

IMG_2551 IMG_2554 IMG_2555

It looks fairly clean and original, but I want something a little more presentable.

IMG_2556 IMG_2557 IMG_2793

Taping and masking before spraying the under coat. I don’t want any over spray!

IMG_2791 IMG_2821

Rubberized undercoating.

IMG_2820 IMG_2885

POR 15 on the front beam.


Hi-Temp enamel paint on the brakes and tie-rods


The paint in the center of the trunk where the brake reservoir goes didn’t turn out very well. I ended up cleaning it up a bit more and coating it with POR15.


Wiring harness being installed. I even located a factory size speaker for the 1967 working radio. This looks great!

IMG_2819 IMG_2883

Now, that I can live with.

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