1967 VW Beetle

1967 Volkswagen Beetle – Factory Restoration

– Finished March 2009 (Last registered Sept. 1992, off the road for 27 years!) – Sold

Here is the gallery I used selling the car.

I had a computer virus that took out a lot of the pictures for this car and all of the small pictures were ones that were recovered at the computer store. I should also mention that I had a few of some guy with his wife on the beach as well when they recovered pictures. They lost most everything on the computer and replaced it with documents and pictures from a computer that belonged to someone else. I wasn’t charged, but lost almost everything. The write up on the car was also lost.

This was an all original (except paint) restoration where everything on the car was kept 1967. I search quit a bit to come up with all the correct parts for the car to keep everything year correct. The car turned out real nice and was a real head turner. The engine was built by Bob of Walker Racing and was a stock H case 1600cc rebuild. The smaller pistons aren’t available anymore and the engine was bumped up to 1600cc from 1500cc. Bob has done a few engines for me over the years and I have always had nothing but great work from him. All of his engines have been great runners and are still in my personal cars. The transmission was rebuilt by Steve of Pine Beetle as was a stock rebuild as well. If you look at the pictures close you can see that the transmission has been swapped before I bought the car to a 1968 4-lug transmission. I had another 1967 sitting around that was given to Steve for the build. The paint was a base-coat, clear-coat system from Sherwin Williams and was sprayed by Douglas Auto Body in Franktown, Co. I was in the process of setting up a booth at the time and it was easier to keep the project moving and have Terry shoot the car for me. I did all the body work and prep to get the car where it is, but he shot my paint for me. Interior is a deluxe TMI kit that was the same pattern as I had used in another car and it looked great. Here is a list of some of the new things that are on the car: all rubber seals, chrome trim, windshield, bumpers, running boards, tires, upholstery, window cranks, grab handle, signal lens, tail lights. Some of the things that are correct are: H Case engine, transmission, carburetor, distributor, air filter, dash knobs, radio, two-speed wipers, seats, brake reservoir, signal flasher, shocks, brakes, back up lights, placement of stickers in original locations. I really tried to get the factory seat belts working again an went through combining 4 sets with no avail. The car was a real dream to drive, as most are once everything is new,  and was great on the road. Some of the last pictures on the last page are of the car being loaded for transport to Florida after being sold.


This is what the car looked like when it first came home.


The car is fairly rust free and all original.


The body is real straight and not much for dents.


It even came with full bumpers intact!


The only thing missing was the engine.


This is going to make for a decent restoration.


It looks nice, but it’s time for the tear down.




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