1966 VW Beetle – Welding II

Welding II

Tire Carrier

The lower panel of the tire carrier was in need of replacement, and the front apron had been hit and worked back into shape a few different times by the looks it. It was patched up to look like a European apron, and that’s what will be going back on.

During a pan swap is the perfect time to do a tire carrier. I can get to the back side where the front beam would be to make everything look like they did it originally. Time to fit the panels first before cleaning up things to weld.

The shelf was welded, prepped, and the carrier was welded from inside with plug welds to give it the factory spot weld look.

The nuts were all good in the front brackets and only needed to be chased. The brackets were mounted, centered with the panel, leveled & twisted back to horizontal.

The front panels are body worked back to line up with the hood, and the apron fit to the hood. The lower edge of the fenders will be matched to the apron once both are mounted. I need to get that corner on the a-pillar first.

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