Previous Work – VW Early 1960’s (20 Cars)

I have sold a lot of cars over the years and most haven’t been restorations. I would get old cars work on them to get them mechanically sound, running, and driving then put them up for sale. Some were sold as parts or project cars as well. Like I said before I have had a couple computer’s crashes and lost a camera. Most of the work records before I incorporated the business in 2000 are gone, and I am missing some of the pictures for completion of a few too. Here’s what I have sold from 2000 to 2013. 1960 VW Beetle Black – Parted Out – Feb. 2009 1960 VW Beetle Convertible – Project – May 2012 1962 VW Beetle Baja – Project – July 2010 1962 VW Beetle – Running / Driving – October 2006 (Initial purchase pictures only) 1962 VW Beetle – Running / Driving – Nov. 2013 1963 VW Beetle Baja – Running / Driving – January 2005 (Missing completion pictures) 1963 VW Sand Flee – Project – February 2009 1964 VW Beetle Baja – Project – October 2009 1964 VW Beetle Convertible 1964 VW Beetle – Running / Driving – April 2010 1963 VW Beetle – Project Sept. 2020 This would make for a real nice winter project and it is a pretty complete car, but is the engine. The car has never had the dash cut and comes with a radio. It’s getting harder to find these old bugs with everything on them and un-touched. Even the wiring cover and truck liner are still present! The car has been off the road for some time and the plate date looks to be 1984. There isn’t much rust on the car and it would be a easy project compared to most that are out there. There is some starting in the rear heater channel corners, battery tray and a couple bubbles in the front wheel wells. Someone cut a section off the passenger side door for a chop top and another door shell that is fairly straight is included. The car is being sold with bill of sale only, but does have matching numbers on the body tag and pan for the titling process. 1964 VW Karmann Ghia – Project – January 2008 1964 VW Beetle Sunroof (1) – Project – February 2011 1964 VW Beetle Sunroof (2) – Running / Driving – February 2013 1964 VW Beetle Convertible – Running / Driving – March 2009 1965 VW Beetle – Running / Driving – August 2006 1965 VW Beetle Full Baja – Project – June 2010 1965 VW Beetle Sunroof (1st ownership) – Running / Driving – February 2009 1965 VW Beetle Sunroof (2nd ownership) – Running / Driving – March 2011