Der Kafer Haus llc., originally started with the restorations of an old VW Beetles, and has turned into restorations of various makes of vintage vehicles.

Working on restorations of vintage cars of all makes and models ranging from the 20’s to 2000’s. If you have something that you would like to finish or bring back to life, please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

A couple of my personal rides that I have been slowly working on over the years:


1963 VW Beetle – Restoration completed in 1997. Chrome tail lights and Rossi’s! lol

1776cc, 110cam, SHIT Freeway Flyer Transmission, Sewfine Complete Tweed Deluxe interior, Mangle Chromies, Cut tinted glass. 2nd place trophy on debut at VWOTG 1997


Still doing upgrades, but she needs another coat of paint. It was painted in 1987.

2332cc, 48 IDA’s, SHIT (Steve Humphrey Intermediate Transmissions) Race built transmission, 930 CV & Axles, Disk Brakes on all 4 corners, Convertible decklid with latch stand-off, 17″ Porsche Thrust wheels, LED lights, Briz Bumpers, Billet accessories everywhere, Sewfine Interior (1997), Eclipse Leather Seats.

I have a rag top section that I was planning on adding during rebuild, some 1958 doors that had the chrome holes welded as some point, and a set of early pop-outs as well. The car had rust repair done in the past before I purchased it, and is due for some more in a few spots. I was going to keep the original paint scheme, but update the colors a bit in the process. All of the brushed aluminum will get a little clean up as well to make it a little more modern.


I found this 1962 Micro in a salvage yard for $500 with a title. I also picked up a 1962 15-Window walk-through, pictured below, for $500 while there, and the sale helped pay for the build of the Micro.



1915cc, 044 Heads, 120 Cam, Weber 44 IDF, Berg Linkage, Sump, Oil Cooler, Rancho 1967 Type I Race Transmission, Chromoly Axles, Drop Plates, WagensWest Narrow Dropped Beam, ACC Deluxe Trim, EIS Safari Front & Rear, All new side pop-outs (getting painted), 356 Porsche Headlight Grille with H4 LED & Tri-Bars, Harp Mirror, ACC Racks Front & Rear (wood is being restored), ACC Grab handles, ACC cup holder, Full Bumpers (getting painted), Old School Mangle Chromies with Porsche nipple caps. Full bench front, mid, and rear.

Everything under the Bus has been gone through and rebuilt. I haven’t got around to the metal repairs, but everything runs and drives great! You just have to make sure to have your current tetanus shot if you want to ride in this Bus!

The rear wheel flairs were done some time in the 80’s before it was taken in at the salvage yard.

Please check out the upper tabs on the home page to flip through vehicles for sale, present projects, and various builds and restorations.

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