1965 VW Beetle “Root Bier” – Full Restoration

1965 VW Beetle – Root Bier – Pan Off, Full Restoration

This car has been built as a tribute to the 60’s with A&W drive-in scene as the one of the early icon’s of the era. The car is mostly stock with some minor upgrades to keep up with today’s fast paced lifestyle. It has just been finished from a complete pan off restoration. Everything on the car has been gone through, and lots of new parts.

– Rebuilt engine by Painter’s Grinding – AE case 1600cc dual-port engine with 009 distributor
– Bocar 34-pict 3 carburetor
– Bosch blue coil
– Empi single quiet-pack exhaust
– Electric fuel pump
– Bosch remanufactured alternator
– Complete harness from front to rear.
– TMI interior kit with tweed insert seats and panels
– TMI Mohair headliner
– TMI Deluxe oatmeal carpet
– Billet shift knob
– Billet accelerator pedal
– Flat-4 reproduction steering
– Brakes, drums, shoes, hardware, wheel cylinders, rubber lines, hard lines
– Varga master cylinder
– KYB shocks on all four
– Adjustable front beam
– Suspension rubber
– Steering box
– King and link pins
– Tie-rods
– Steering Damper
– Kumho 165r15 rear and 145r15 front tires
– Atlas Portawall’s (White wall inserts)
– Rebuilt transmission by the late Steve Humphrey of Pine Beetle
– Urethane transmission mounts
– Stainless steel trim kit
– Running boards
– Side mirror
– Antenna
– Bumpers with over riders
– Rubber on everything
– Kenwood KMR-355U Marine Grade
– Converted to 12-volt electrical with two-speed window wipers

The stereo has been upgraded to a marine grade unit that is water, Infinity front separates, Pandora and Sirrius ready with USB and IPOD plugs on the front and rear of the radio. Steve at Pine Beetle was the premier transmission builder for years here locally with most shops having sold his work. The car runs and drives like new, and is a dream to drive. The engine has smooth power, and with everything new, handles great.

This car has been lowered, but not all the way and drives super smooth without any rubbing, bumping, or scraping. Only a few hundred miles since the restoration and it missed all the shows this year. That means that you will get to debut the car for the first show. A real head turner with people asking about the car wherever you go.

The car is painted with base coat, clear coat system and is Sunset Bronze Mica and Sandy Beach Metallic. The side trim has been upgraded to stainless steel and gives a lot better shine then the original dull aluminum molding. This project was an Arizona car and had very little rust to repair. No rust anywhere on the car.

The car comes with the A&W set up including the original 1960’s aluminum serving tray, vintage bear hand puppet, original 1959 mug, NOS bear bobble head, and two new stickers. Everything on the car works as it should and the car runs and drives like new. I am sure I missed something as this car has had quite a bit done to it to come to this stage. Please feel free to ask about the car.

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