1963 Ford Thunderbird

Barn find

Here are the pictures from the sales ad.

The metal is pretty straight, but someone touched up the car with a little of this, that, or whatever their hand happened to grab.

The car came out of Strasburg, CO and I was told that it spent most of it’s life in Colorado Springs and belong to a retired veteran. I was told that it came out of a storage barn and was part of an estate sale and the guy I picked it up from got it running with a new carburetor, fuel pump, filter, and some fresh gas.

Everything was pretty much untouched with original trunk mat, spare, jack, washer bag.

I even drove the car from home, and didn’t have to trailer it!

Exterior walk around

Interior, trunk. He gave me the original air cleaner and carburetor to rebuild and swap back.

The right rear bumper Q had rust, and once the bumper was off the rust in the bucket was visible. Rust hiding under the rear window cowl.

The battery tray had some rust as well.

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