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1956 & 1957 VW Beetles – July. 2014

From mid-February through June I have been working on a 1981 Camaro Z28 and an early Audi TT. I haven’t had a chance to do much work on the vintage VW’s for a while and haven’t had any post to add to the site here in a bit. The 1957 Ragtop was listed in late-June and sold to a guy in CA in early-July.

I was finally able to make a deal, that I had been working on for the last two years, on a couple hardtops. Here are some pictures of the two 50’s cars I picked up mid-July.DSCF6673 1956 VW Beetle DSCF6674 This car is sitting on a 1959 pan with 1970 tail lights.DSCF6676 The deck lid had been swapped over to the 1957. DSCF6675 The front clip is from a 1960 as the number plate was still on it. It was spliced mid gas tank area and appeared to have been used for racing at some point. There were some widened 13″ wheels on it with bias ply tires. DSCF6668 This is the plate that was on the floor in the car and matches the last registration that was in the glove box. DSCF6640 High-back seats from a late 60’s car. DSCF6637 Over-all not to much rust on the car, but it has several pieces from various years to make the car whole. DSCF6639 One of the bullet signals was used in the lower driver foot area for a oil pressure gauge. DSCF6670 1957 VW Beetle. DSCF6671 With the 1956 rear deck lid. DSCF6672 Numbers matching body and pan except it has a 1960 engine under the lid. DSCF6669 There is some faint lettering on the door from a machine shop. DSCF6666 I found some mint condition Cabela’s and boat show catalogs and from 1972 tucked under the rear seat.   DSCF6664 Where ever this car was parked it ended up as a target for some golfers and they broke out the windshield and put a couple good marks in the top. This car has some rust in the door jam areas and floor pans as the windshield had been broken out for some time, but is not beyond repair.

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1957 Ragtop Original Front Apron


The original front apron has been turned into hanging wall art. There wasn’t much left of the bottom edge!

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