Some Stuff In The Shop

Here are a few pictures of vehicles around the shop

1955 VW Beetle

It took me 6 years to talk the guy into selling this car! Parked in 1978 and it fired right up with a can of gas to the fuel pump!

1957 IMZ M1S – Clone (1997 CJ750)

Well, a clone of a clone. 1938 BMW cloned by IMZ and cloned by CJ. It is closer to being an IMZ than a BMW as it has a Russian frame and side car with Chinese drive line. This was a demo model brought over in the mid-90’s to promote the line to dealers. 157.5km is all this bike has on it (97 Miles!). The bike was re-designed and modernized before they were available for sale in the States under the Ural brand, but you can still see the similarity in style.

1962 VW Micro

I picked this one up out of a salvage yard (as seen in the first pic). Everything is new under the Bus.

1963 VW Beetle

I built this car for my Mom for Christmas 1997. The first picture is when I purchased the car in 1996 and the second it when it was done in 1997. I ended up buying the car back from her in 2005 (Phone dial picture), and have since started to modify the car with Porsche brakes, drive line, and added a 2332cc engine. Painted in 1987, it’s ready for another paint job.

1976 VW Adventure Wagon

If you plan on changing out the nose with a new one, you should probably weld the bottom if you don’t want it to look like this the first time you bump something with your spare.

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